How to Set Thumbnail on Youtube Video 2021?

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As you know the thumbnails are very important for getting views on your videos. In fact, I would venture to say that thumbnails are the second most important factor leading to clicks on your videos! (The first being Search Engine Optimization)

Have you ever heard the phase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover?’ It’s a phrase used to warn people that often times what you see immediately on the outside does not properly convey what may be on the inside. Seems agreeable enough and you would think that people would heed to this warning but alas, most of the time people will pick up the book with the interesting or fun cover before picking up the classic with the boring cover. It’s human nature! We’re attracted to interesting and fun things!

The same principal applies to thumbnails.

So, how do you design a thumbnail image that will encourage a higher clickthrough rate? You want to create a thumbnail that creates emotion, features enticing or descriptive text, is memorable, and has a consistent look.

I’ll show you 5 steps to make great Youtube thumbnails, No design skills are needed.

1. Create Emotion in your YouTube Thumbnails

Often the best way to do this is through showing faces. As humans, we’ve evolved to look for eye contact. A face that’s devastated, elated, furious, or frustrated can bring us toward that emotion and create curiosity.

It’s even more powerful if the text in your thumbnail contains the word “you.” It’s someone looking at you, speaking to you, talking about the impact watching their video could have on you.

Creating emotion can also be done using color. You’ll want to use contrasting colors so your images pop and are easy to read.

Red often means passion, anger, or ambition.
Orange often conveys optimism and encouragement
Yellow conveys energy and youth.
Blue is associated with relaxation and calm.
Green is connected with growth and nature.
Purple is connected with luxury and imagination.
Keep this color psychology in mind when you are creating your thumbnails. If you’d like to learn more about color meanings, thisis a great resource.

2. Use enticing or descriptive text in your thumbnails

While it is possible to create a killer thumbnail without any text, most channels use text to pull the viewer in. This text should often stand out and pop, and should either tell the viewer more about the video or create some additional curiosity.

Using check marks and X marks and do/don’t do language can be very effective, since your thumbnail emblazons with a big red X what not to do. If you’re a weightlifter, and you see a thumbnail with a big red X and a thumbnail that says “stop doing this…it’s killing your back,” you’ll be more likely to make sure you’re not making the mistake that could kill your back.

3. Make your thumbnails memorable

Plain text over a color is boring. A giant pile of cash being torched with a crazy reaction face is memorable. Think of creative ways to make thumbnails that people will remember, whether that’s because it’s humorous, weird, or just outright insane. Being boring and bland with your messaging is often worse than trying something out there, noting that it didn’t work, and making adjustments.

4. Your thumbnails should be consistent

You don’t want your thumbnails’ visual style to be all over the place. You can try new and unique thumbnails to see how those work, but over time, you should be working to find a consistent look and feel. This will immediately make your videos more recognizable to people who’ve seen a few before.

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